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Allan Dillon

Construction Charitable Works is a valuable service for the ACT construction industry. They are there to help workers when they are struggling and in need of assistance.


My experience with CCW has both been on a personal and professional level.


In 2010 I was working on a site that had a workplace accident that resulted in the tragic death of a young water because of a mechanical failure on a piece of plant. When the accident happened CCW was on site that day to talk to workers and offer support, even though it was a saturday. We have counselling available through our insurance but there is no way those counsellors would have assisted us on a saturday. We couldn't wait til monday to get access to support for workers. CCW's after-hours support and responsiveness to worker's issues is amazing.


The company I am employed with has a working relationship with CCW. This means before CCW come to site we know them personally, and nine times out of ten other workers on-site know them too. I believe the close relationship between CSI and CCW over the years has been extremely useful in achieving this. Workers on site see CSI and CCW staff at different times and in various settings so they get to know them. This helps workers feel more relaxed about talking to CCW and asking for help.


On a personal note I remember a day I was working on-site and a CCW staff member came up to me for a chat and to see if I was ok. They said I wasn't looking great and offered for me to go and talk to a counsellor. I was dealing with a personal tragedy that had happened in my life at the time so I went to the counsellor a number of times and it made a huge difference to my life then and still to this day. I owe CCW a big thank you. I wasn't aware how much I was really struggling at the time and it took a person like him, who cares, to link me up to the support I needed.


The CCW workers are invested in the industry and understand the issues confronting workers on-site. As I always say: from industry, for industry.


Kind regards,


Allan Dillon

Company Safety Manager