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Sally Bowler

I am writing to express my support for Construction Charitable Works (CCW). CCW is an extremely valuable service for the ACT construction industry.


CCW is a standout compared to other services as it is always willing to go beyond what other organisations would do to ensure a worker receives the appropriate support and services.


All I need to do is make a phone call and say I have a guy with a problem and they will be ready to assist. Straight away they ask for the worker's phone number and check if the person is aware that I have contacted CCW and let them know that CCW will be calling them. Next, they contact the worker and arrange to meet with them asap to see what assistance CCW can provide them.


The issues the workers have is none of my business, I only need to know they are getting the care they need. Many workers have expressed to me on a number of occasions that they feel comfortable talking to CCW about their problems as they don't feel judged and the CCW worker is understanding of their situation.


I know when I contact CCW about a worker that it will be actioned immediately. It is this prompt responsiveness I really appreciate. I can see that this is also of great reassurance to workers. I feel there is no other organisation in the ACT that can provide this level of responsiveness to construction industry workers.


As a result of this responsiveness and the quality of service provided to workers I know if I make a call to CCW that the issue will be dealt with appropriately. In addition, many of the CCW workers have come from industry and understand the essential things that impact on a construction worker.


It is reassuring to know CCW is only a phone call away. I hope CCW continues to operate for another ten years.


Kind regards,


Sally Bowler

Office Manager

IC Formwork Services Pty Ltd